Me and My Shadow | 1



Sitting on the Edge of her home’s terrace, Maya was scribbling few numbers in a small diary. Seeing the sun started to rise, it was time for the girl to move back to her room. Taking a deep breath she leaves the terrace and sneaks into her room quietly, ensuring she does not wake up her parents. She laid back on her bed pretending to be asleep.

After a certain amount of time, her father woke up and left for his morning jog and mother entered the kitchen after her daily morning chores. Soon, Maya also entered the kitchen took some cheese spread applied over the bread and started to eat.

“Maya, Maya… MAYA!”. The girl’s attention is finally sought by her mother.

“Yes, Mom.”

“What were you daydreaming about again?”


“No need to lie to me, Maya.”

“Seriously Mom, I wasn’t dreaming about anything.”

“Fine, pass me the box of Cereals.”

Maya gives the box and leaves the table to get ready. As she is about to quit her Mother inquires where she is headed to but without even answering anything she leaves.

She drives to an isolated place where her farther’s old factory was located near a river side in her silver coloured hatchback. Entering the premises she sits back at the office where her dad once used to sit once and opens her dairy to continue the work from where she left it in the morning.

She is deeply involved in the work she has been doing until her phone starts ringing. She answers the call, “Hello.” “Hey! Where are you?” “Umm, you know where I am.” “Oh, that muck factory” “Yes. Tell why you called up?” “To ask you if you are gonna pick up your sloth face and come down to classes today?” “Of course, I’ll come down I wait for this class the whole week” “OK! So, now will you start moving otherwise you’ll be late for it then.” “Yeah I’ve already wrapped up my things and sitting in the car” “Cool, see you there. Bye” “Ba-Bye Tej.”

Tej was her best friend, but they had this weird connection which made Maya rely on him too high extend. Tej meet Maya when she had left her house and had headed to a different city after a huge issue which had to happen back her place making her take a huge step, but after she meets Tej, she decided to go back home. Tej had known everything about Maya in the last couple or years, but on the contrary, Maya hardly knew anything about Tej except he was the Sous Chef at a reputed restaurant and tech-savvy to good extend.

They both meet up just outside the gate of classes and have their usual conversation about the class and then head to the class. The classes were of product design. The only reason Tej accompanied her to this class was that he can learn things about the subject and Maya can have that perfect person to whom she can share her ideas in all.

After classes had got over, they go out for dinner at their usual spot, where Maya shows the design she had been working on from last couple weeks. Soon they finish up their discussion and dinner making it a perfect time to head back home.

On their way back home, Maya offered to drop Tej home rather than the usual bus stop drops, but instead caught him staring right at her. On asking what was he looking at so intently, he just shrugged and simply said “You!”, And once again the chef had balanced his emotions so precisely that Maya couldn’t distinguish one from the another. He still continued to be a mystery to her.

Peace! ~ αm ft. @365days365stories