I agree I was a kid, I knew how to take care,
so was it needed to make me an adult?
I know it was hard for me to choose between chocolate and strawberry ice cream,
so was it needed to kill my love for ice cream?
I know I never spoke words out of my mouth but my actions always spoke way louder than needed,
so was it needed to zip my lips that I never utter words again?
I know you cried the night when I said I can’t trust anyone,
so when I trusted you, was it needed to shatter me,
so I never trust anyone again?
I showed you all my marks and scars
so why did you burn them more?
I was the most important person in your life,
so why you didn’t think once before breaking me inside out?
I was always the free bird who knew to fly,
so was it need to cut off those wings forever?
so this was yours forever?

so, why I am still waiting for you?

Love ~ αm


The Kiss.


Yeah, I am quick with a new one.

So with an endless autoplay on YouTube, I stumbled across a video called First Kiss by Tatia Pllieva with whopping 129 Million views (as of 9th June), and my blog is dedicated to the awesome Tatia Pllieva.

Why everyone adores a kiss? The answer is simple, with a Kiss you can actually show in loads and loads of passions, no you can’t do that with a peck. A conventional suitable use of your lips will surely do miracles if you do it right.

With a kiss, you can tell the person how much you love them, how angry you are at that particular moment or simply just show them how deeply you care about them.

It will be funny for you to know that there are several types of Kiss which you can actually have with your partner or stranger. Just to list a few, here are some apart from the lip to lip kiss

The most gorgeous one. Kiss on the forehead.


The rich. The kiss on the Hand.


The superhero time. Spiderman kiss.


The lazy one. Single Lip Kiss.


The lewd one. Bite and Nibble Kiss.


The most beautiful feeling is, of course, the first kiss you share with someone but having the same beautiful feeling even when you are about to kiss the same person for the 50th time. That is the beauty of kissing, you can actually get the same butterflies in your stomach even after the several times you have done it. It’s like sex that you need to throw in some random stuff in it to keep the sparks of intimacy you simply need loads and loads of care and love that’s it. You will always have the same butterflies while having the kiss.

In the video 20 random strangers are made to kiss each other, the transformation from silly awkwardness to tenderness by the end of kiss is far beautiful transformation than anything you see. I have seen other videos under the categories of First Kiss which looks way to fake out or maybe the video has not been captured in the right way, but this video simply just pops up all the emotions at once.

The strings of words swirling in backdrop by Soko. The age, the sex, the status nothing comes up before the two individuals just decide to show up the tenderness they have for the person they are about to kiss. Even after they kiss they actually forget the name of each other or simply just compliment straight away how great the kiss was and the best passions one can portray without uttering a word, blush out.

I still feel sex is simply overrated, the kiss should be more focused on. Yeah, that’s the ugly truth, sex is actually overrated that doesn’t mean its bad or something it just that everyone has hyped it with a different perspective.

If you ever had a kiss you will surely understand what I am trying to flow in the thoughts through these words on the blog.

A Kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. – Ingrid Bergman

Peace! ~ αm

Can we make out more? Can we?

Friends with Benefits


Well! It’s been months since the wonderful night that shocked me and ended up breaking my heart. The night where every touch of her against my skin made me aware of my sensations, desires and feelings. That night, I fell madly in love with her smile, her touch, those scary little brown eyes, her soothing embrace, Her!

In the darkness of that night, I had found my light a-a light that was supposed to enlighten my soul but instead ended up burning my heart. Somewhere between trying to shield my heart along with my self-respect from my newly found best friend, I broke into a million pieces. All that was left of me was a mess of shattered emotions.

Every moment of that night, mends my heart a little, glueing its cracks together with hope. A hope that someday in her little brown eyes it won’t be just lust but also a reflection of her love for me. A hope that even her lips will curve into a smile every time they brush against mine.

But, thinking about those scary eyes makes me shudder, bringing me back to reality. And the reality is that no matter what, neither am I ever going be held by those arms again nor will her eyes ever reflect a love for me – a love that I have always longed for.

So, that is how a night with my friend with benefits took away both, my best friend as well as the benefits that came with her.

(P.S.: This is originally written by a fellow member, Isha! A huge shout out for her for letting me post this on my blog. You can follow her here.)

Peace! ~ αm



So today morning I was at a Medical Store for buying medicine for usual cold, and the next thing which happened didn’t shake me but surely made me raise the question on the current generation. The incident was, a girl in her sweet sixteen comes up and ask for a contraceptive pill. Have we become desperate enough that we are exploring sex as if it is just a casual thing?

The next thing I know I got the flashback of when I first kissed a girl. The first question that struck my mind was, what age I was when I had my first kiss? It was in my early 22s, surely it was a special girl but the thing was we both were mature enough of what we are doing. I am not trying to say I’m some saint who did things on right time. But surely trying out things with someone at a really early age and taking contraceptive pills in early age will bring issues in the later stage of the life when you’ll be really seeking to conceive a child (which is the best feeling you may surely have).

Roam around the lover spots in your city and you’ll find at least 25% couple who are physically involved with each other in public. That’s completely fine to show love to that special one but we should know when and where we are doing so, there’s nothing wrong with showing affection to someone we know in front of other people but at the same time we should realise in what mindset of people we are in, are they open minded than cheap thinking people who may just pass a comment like “Wow, great live show! No need to watch porn tonight.” (I’ve actually heard this line getting used for a couple while I was movie theatre with my friends)

A decade before, couples were really shy to holds hands in public and now we are on edge of making love in public, sorry I said making love, rather I should say having sex. Now with an eye towards the western world approach we’ve started taking things in a lighter way. One of the example which strike while writing so is that due to the climatic condition in the west women wears a bikini for so-called Sunbath. Whereas we do not need such a trend because it’s warmer here. But we fail to recognize this reality and think that we’re being oppressed when not being supported.

One thing is for sure we all have surely lost of making moments special because we are seeking sexual pleasure rather than seeking gala moment just at the fitting time. Anytime someone tries to seek advice from me over the topic of sex only speech gets played in my mind from a very infamous movie, 17 Again. 

That tiny speech is “No. No. You know what? He’s right. He’s right. I don’t need one. You know why? You know why I don’t need one? Because there’s no one I’m in love with. It’s called ‘making love’ isn’t it? Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I think that means you do it with someone you love… and preferably when you’re married. You know? When you’re ready to take that love and turn it into a baby.Because that’s what love is. It’s that first moment when you hold your baby girl and you didn’t know that anything could be so small or so delicate and you feel that tiny heartbeat and you know that you couldn’t love anything more in the whole world. And you hope that you can do right by that little girl and always be there to catch her when she falls and that nothing ever hurts her. Not a broken arm, or a bad dream, or a broken heart.” (Full Script / Youtube Clip)

I’d a friend who was just in a relationship so that he can sleep with the girl every now and then, I spoke to him once what exactly are you trying to seek with this kinda relation, he simply answered it is better to be a sex addict than being a drug addict. That answer of his shook me, not because he felt sex is better than drug but he felt sex should be an addiction which he should enjoy on regular basis.

There are many such incidences which I’ve heard from girls and guys while growing up and their perspective on what sex is for them, and every time I come across the views it makes me think only one thing. Have we become so desperate for sex?

What are we actually doing? Does anyone know?

“I guess it’s exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex — yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It’s healthy, it’s natural, it’s what we are here to do.” – Cameron Diaz

Peace! ~ αm