I took fries dipped in the lovely chocolate sauce ,
dripping down the ice cream bowl,
before my friend asked me ‘Are you drunk?’
I mismatched my clothes,
just to show I’m ignoring someone’s party,
but ended getting all the attention,
a friend ended up asking ‘Are you drunk?’
I and my close friend were on the call from last,
3 hours and when I hung up,
my roommate asks me ‘Was he drunk?’
I and my best friend ended up watching,
an animated movie last night,
and having a laugh of a lifetime,
the person next to me,
asked ‘Are you both drunk?’
I penned down a beautiful poem,
about the feelings I had while writing it,
send it to a couple of friends,
and there was that one friend,
asking ‘Were you drunk while writing it?’
I have never understood,
Is it necessary to feel the emotions you need to be drunk?
Can’t we be high on life?

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: May be I need to share more of poems after the response I got for my last poem, rather just writing it on a random paper and throwing it away. Thanks V, for sharing my previous poems around.)


Fake Promises.


The moment the words were in my ears,
I knew this moment will be recalled in different occasion of my life.
I took a deep breath and decided to escape,
but life never is as simple as we think,
the more I tried to get out of the mushy land the more I was sinking in.
It can help you get going from a dead stop,
but once you actually start moving, it does nothing.
The rules were the ones where
one should know the mojo.
The mojo which defines how to move out,
to start all your life with all new dreams which are never shared with them.
The dreams, the care, the love which was shared,
vanishes quicker than we realise because at the end of the day,
the connection was a fake one.
Because after giving in everything you still had to fight to make them stay,
is the most unethical relation you were in.
The lips which once said,
“Promise me you’ll never leave me.”
were the ones who never spoke the reason,
and they left without a word,
without an explanation.

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: Yesterday morning as the blogger was about to travel to some other city, he was up early and pinged me with the above poem. The first thing I questioned him was, ‘How on earth you wrote this poem?’ and I immediately knew I need to share this one and previous one. Having the account credentials I took the liberty to publish them. I know he is going to scold me for publishing it, but I hope he won’t kill me. Regards, V.)

I Never Knew.


I never knew that proposing someone was so essential.

I never knew that saying “I Love You” was so essential.

I never knew that not keeping expectation was so essential.

I never knew that the words I believed which were asking me to stay forever can be fake.

I never knew when helping out, will be having all the fake reasons in the world.

I never knew hugging a person really close was not enough.

I never knew kissing those soft lips passionately with a surprise was not enough.

I never knew giving all the time from the busy schedule was not enough.

I never knew giving all the freedom except certain was not enough.

I never knew involving a person in my family was not enough.

I never knew giving endless chances was not enough.

I never knew a girl cries over marriage rejection so that guy can propose her.

I never knew saying things in anger meant the reality.

I never knew keeping my issues aside while listening to your was not enough.

I never knew only one person has to be in all the efforts for maintaining the relation, the other will act only after they been said to do so.

I never knew I could fall for a girl who completely opposite of what I was expecting from a soul mate.

I never knew saying “No” to someones needs is important to save our self worth.

I just simply never knew…

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: This poem was written a year ago when things got shattered in blogger’s life. But he never published it to the public, he kept it password protected but now I am sharing it because the poem is really lovely as I hope you love it too. Regards, V.)

The 2nd Ranker


Sorry for writing so late, you know how much mess I am in right now.

So, finally, the last piece of domino has collapsed. People I met in Mumbai, the reason I found this city to be sustainable has scattered.

First Lee took the diversion in 2015.
Then Vichu in 2016.
Last year my ex.
And this year, finally the nail in the coffin you Dubey.

I still remember my first interaction with you, as I pissed you off and you left in all the anger. Yeah, I know you don’t remember this incident but I am very well aware of it as well as Vichu is (That’s my curse and a boon in many factors, of having great memories stored in the brain.) The funny part has we hardly had interactions with you while we were in College. Your first visit at Nasik is where things turned for us and the bond grew from there.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-03 at 6.48.05 PM

You teaching me a few crazy subjects while wrapping up the things in engineering as well as showing me how to be in love with Money and not being greedy for it. I owe you for these two things that I have learnt from you.

Of course, going out in restaurants won’t be the same anymore as it was with you because of your ‘N’ number of criticism of location as well as the interior and the food itself. I cent per cent feel we became close friends due to the love for food and trying out the various dishes which are available on the menu. Right from having the crazy cheap food at Sion Koliwada to having the Mushroom Sev Puri and making a bill of **** at The Clearing House and everything in between. The only thing we need to continue is to try all the cuisine until we die. Buddy, now you need to improve your culinary skills quickly because Vichu has up his game we surely need to keep a competition who cooks better in 3 of us. For us, it will be Food ∞ Love.

Last year was the craziest time for me, after the breakup. There were many to handle me over the calls but you actually handled my tantrums in physical state and pulling me out of swampy mess I was in. You saw me doing the sh*tiest things I have ever done. Fortunately, you never saw me crying in actual. 😀

Me training you how to ride a bike and both of us ending up into skidding is a funny one. That day I got to see how one can be in shock who claims ‘I don’t carry emotions’ kinda guy. The endless scrolling on OLX just to get the best deal for laptops, mobile and what not. Approaching various sellers and also getting ourselves to screw up in the 5k scam. Damn it we need to recover it from others. 😛

I’m gonna visit your parents to eat chole bhature and also all other restaurants which we love to have food at, and send you photos while having the lovely delicacies or maybe some time give you a video call just to see your reaction. So, be ready with my endless teasing.

Last but not the least, I envy you for your matches on ****. FU for that. 🙂

So, now you have started off with a new journey of your life at Trichy. Of course, it is a proud moment for me but it is slightly an emotional moment too, you know why I will be emotional too. Please for God sake, do grab the 2nd rank.

I have always said that you taught me things about Money, Ex about Family being selfish, Vichu about Friends and Lee about not taking a step back until you win. This is what I learnt from staying in Mumbai with you all and I am thankful to all of you. And, now maybe it’s time for me to also to move on and start things which need to start.

Golden words by Rajiv P Rai: MBA krte krte Tiruchirappalli bolna seekh jaaye, wohi bohot hain! (In the course of doing MBA, if you learn how to say Triu….. should be more than enough!)

M, remember one thing no matter how much you care and respect people around you, no one will ever do the same for you except your parents.

– Dubey (Not his words, he had read it over Quora)



P.S. A friend is asking me to write in flashback form about all the domino which have fallen in last couples of years would you like to read all of them? Do let me know in the poll below.

The Crush.


Today, I am letting out a secret to you, I will tell you how beautiful my crush is. So without further ado, let the words flow for you, dear.

Hey, Girl!

I still remember seeing you in that beautiful outfit while I was struggling to analyze my thoughts for the major event that was coming up. Just looking at you and having had heard you for the first time I understood the meaning of “Love at first sight”. It was like Cupid was ready with his arrow and struck me as soon as you spoke the initials words to me, those lovely words which you were uttering with innocence.

Before meeting you, I had seen your glimpse in some other spots but I never knew I will be so damn attracted towards you after seeing you so up close. Soon after our first interaction ended and you got skipped out my mind. I knew you are around but somewhere being preoccupied in a useless yet beautiful mess that I was in, I regret surviving in my mess rather I would have focused on you. But none the less here I am right next to you waiting for you to understand my feelings for you.

I remember our second meet too, it was with my best friend and partner in pranks aka Rajiv P Rai. And soon after that meeting, you occupied my thoughts filling all my conversations somewhere or the other. Right after the brief meeting you, I spoke to Rajiv about your innocence, kindness, sincerity. I learnt one thing right away is that “Innocence will be beautiful.”

Next time I literally made the most self-acclaimed critic person in my life aka Dubey to meet you so that he knows I am not ending up in the useless mess again. And guess what, he gave in the green signal that saying “Yeah man, she is all full of mystery and innocence” that’s it. I was all over you, mentally, in our third meeting. But at the same time, I was heartbroken that you had your love in the past who died. I was numb for a moment and didn’t realize how to handle the situation. That night I don’t know why tears shed for my eyes for you.

Later, the only way to maintain contact with you was stalking you all over the social media, name it and I was already following you like the pug followed the boy in Vodafone ad. I slipped messages in your DMs but you kept on ignoring me, I tried getting your contact and attention from all ends but the only thing which I got in return was your ignorance. Even last night you were in my dreams, we both having a lovely cup of coffee in beautiful weather and so I decided to ping you once again, and here I am drafting this open letter to you. I would like to tell you just for once reply to me, my girl. Just look at the messages I have sent you below.*


Last Sunday, I took a step further for you and I knew I just have to make sure I express my true feelings for you. I ended up getting tattooed/ getting a tattoo on my arm with “Always”, a beautiful word by Snape when Prof. Dumbledor questioned his true feelings, as I know you are a big fan of Harry Potter. Oops, that’s some other crush, damn it when I wrote about it here. Ignore this ignore. Abort! Abort the mission! OK, I am just kidding will tell you why I got the tattoo some other day maybe something different other than the blog.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-29 at 5.32.35 PM.jpeg

(Source: WhatsApp Forward)

So I was talking about you my lovely Gal Gadot, you are simply…

You have a babyish ingredient in you,
but at the same time, you have the flavour of personality that is seasoned like a graceful lady…

These lines above are from a poem which I have written, which I will surely share with you in whole when you revert with some smile. 🙂

And yes you look Gorgeous in that red dress.

Source: Instagram (@gal_gadot)

When a close friend said to me it is my waste of time chasing you, as the feelings are just from my end to which I replied in full on dramatic voice and emotions “Ek tarfa pyaar ki taakat hi kuchh aur hoti hai. Aur rishto ki tarah ye do logon mein nahin bant-ti. Sirf mera haq hai iss pe.” (There is an unmatched power in unrequited love, Like the other relationships, it is not shared by two people. It belongs only to me.) (Maybe the first and last time I actually used Sharakuh‘s line)

I know it may be kinda cheesy but I really would love to dedicate this charming poem to you by Carl Sandburg.

Under the harvest moon,
When the soft silver
Drips shimmering
Over the garden nights,
Death, the gray mocker,
Comes and whispers to you
As a beautiful friend
Who remembers.

Under the summer roses
When the flagrant crimson
Lurks in the dusk
Of the wild red leaves,
Love, with little hands,
Comes and touches you
With a thousand memories,
And asks you
Beautiful, unanswerable questions.

Carl Sandburg

It just slipped out of my mind, I came to know you have some serious apple craving too. 😛

[P.S.: Of course, the asterisk marked paragraph and screenshot is just a dramatic representation of me getting ignored over few tweets, and it will be real stupidity to expect a reply from you but maybe, just maybe this letter may get your attention or maybe you to read this one, you can tweet back any day on @Milesh37, awaiting for your reply. Also waiting for your next movie when I can meet you up.]

Peace! ~ αm

The Hug.


Let me go easy on you, I fired you up with a kiss let me just hug you and calm down the pressure shoot on you.

A gesture well known for sharing deep care, hugs are lovely in any occasion or moment. The awesome part is you can share a hug on a festival like today Eid or share it with a group of friends ready to take down the opposite team while playing the gully cricket or by a little kid who got wounded but their mother knows to make things calm just by a hug.

We all have seen the movie named, Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and the iconic scene where the main lead hugs the sweeper when everyone messes the floor which he just cleans. Later throughout the movie, only one thing is bragged repeatedly that’s Jaddoo ki Jhappi aka Hug. In literal terms, Jhappi means a Hug but it’s said Jaddoo ki Jhappi which means a Hug of Magic. Yeah, a hug can surely do magic and be calling it a Jaddoo ki Jhappi simply makes it special for an unknown reason.

There are endless moments in my life where I have received a hug on a completely unexpected moment and not receiving one when the whole world broke down in front of me. Till date, my favourite hug will always be which I have received from two of close friends, one when he was about to leave for Canada and one when I had the tear in my eyes right after I received my degree certificate she simply hugged me. Both the hugs have been right before life took a turn parted them away from me. But above all of this, the most beautiful hugs are from my mother everytime I am about to leave for Mumbai after I stayed for a couple of days at Home being Mumma’s boy those hugs will always be the dearest ones to me.

With hugs, there is some energy which can be actually felt instantly and it can do wonders which even words can’t do the justice with because words can be faked but a genuine hug can never be faked.

A hug of fewer than six seconds or more than six seconds will always turn out to be awkward or creepy unless that person is your partner or you are simply sharing a deep connection with that person. As mentioned in Evening Standard, hugs can help us with our loneliness, heart disease, regulating response, mood boosting, and of course stress. I know many people who are not friendly or introvert and find it really awkward exactly how to approach a hug or for how long one should really hug because a quick hug doesn’t really add on any good but a six-seconds hug can surely do wonders.

So next time you have the right moment or occasion just grab the opportunity to hug the person you care for you never know it might be the last hug with that person.

A hug a day keeps the demons at bay. – German Proverb

Peace! ~ αm

Ek jaddoo ki jhappi mil sakti hai? (Can I get a Hug?)

The Kiss.


Yeah, I am quick with a new one.

So with an endless autoplay on YouTube, I stumbled across a video called First Kiss by Tatia Pllieva with whopping 129 Million views (as of 9th June), and my blog is dedicated to the awesome Tatia Pllieva.

Why everyone adores a kiss? The answer is simple, with a Kiss you can actually show in loads and loads of passions, no you can’t do that with a peck. A conventional suitable use of your lips will surely do miracles if you do it right.

With a kiss, you can tell the person how much you love them, how angry you are at that particular moment or simply just show them how deeply you care about them.

It will be funny for you to know that there are several types of Kiss which you can actually have with your partner or stranger. Just to list a few, here are some apart from the lip to lip kiss

The most gorgeous one. Kiss on the forehead.


The rich. The kiss on the Hand.


The superhero time. Spiderman kiss.


The lazy one. Single Lip Kiss.


The lewd one. Bite and Nibble Kiss.


The most beautiful feeling is, of course, the first kiss you share with someone but having the same beautiful feeling even when you are about to kiss the same person for the 50th time. That is the beauty of kissing, you can actually get the same butterflies in your stomach even after the several times you have done it. It’s like sex that you need to throw in some random stuff in it to keep the sparks of intimacy you simply need loads and loads of care and love that’s it. You will always have the same butterflies while having the kiss.

In the video 20 random strangers are made to kiss each other, the transformation from silly awkwardness to tenderness by the end of kiss is far beautiful transformation than anything you see. I have seen other videos under the categories of First Kiss which looks way to fake out or maybe the video has not been captured in the right way, but this video simply just pops up all the emotions at once.

The strings of words swirling in backdrop by Soko. The age, the sex, the status nothing comes up before the two individuals just decide to show up the tenderness they have for the person they are about to kiss. Even after they kiss they actually forget the name of each other or simply just compliment straight away how great the kiss was and the best passions one can portray without uttering a word, blush out.

I still feel sex is simply overrated, the kiss should be more focused on. Yeah, that’s the ugly truth, sex is actually overrated that doesn’t mean its bad or something it just that everyone has hyped it with a different perspective.

If you ever had a kiss you will surely understand what I am trying to flow in the thoughts through these words on the blog.

A Kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. – Ingrid Bergman

Peace! ~ αm

Can we make out more? Can we?