We all go through a phase of life where we not even a kid anymore not even mature enough to take our own discussions in our life (making it a bit awful!) So what really happening with us at this point in our life? I do not know what conclusion you may have concluded to, but I feel we are just trying to flip our life downside up or rather we can say, we are trying to balance our life between the maturity and immaturity. And this is what exactly we are doing in our life we are going insanely crazy, doing everything yet doing nothing.

Yes, we are at the age of early 20s to 25s, which is the dawn of your active crazy youth and a beginning of career-oriented life and you all will agree this is the best day’s of our life and yes with few worst day’s included in our package of best days. But the drill of our life is to achieve something in our life more than regretting the things which we never achieved or we did not attempt to do it.

We all have certain goals which may be a temporary goal or one which infused in our DNA, and yes, of course, there are few people without any goals at all. And with these goals, we get an extra bonus of pressure from people around us, with their various suggestion and expectation, is this what we are really expecting from them? The answer for most of us will is an NO as we want to play the game of life with our terms and condition. The struggle is so hard in maintaining all this is high enough to break down us fairly easily, but those who manage this struggle without really breaking down are the true heroes in their own lives.

People in this age frame are doing the most of the life like falling in love, getting married, having heartbreaks, losing virginity (with any medium), getting high, crying over lonliness, enjoying a new independence, joining a new job, screwing a job and giving a long shot for a developing a business (today, we call business as Start-Ups but they will remain as Business only), seeing other chasing the dreams, seeing other living a dream which we had once, trying to save money for future and then spending off that money on emergency situation, living lavishly on months start and on financial crunch at month end, shifting to a new city or state or country. The list is never ending in every aspect.

We simply struggle to find the correct path of life just to be Happy. Is it true to be Happy? I seriously doubt this we are in a race to be better than others because right from our childhood we are just compared regarding each and every aspect whether it may be our academic score or our extracurricular activities. This attitude of being better than others is somewhere sulking down on our day to day life in an indirect way.

But all this ain’t answering where we headed to in our life. So to sum all this I would like to mention that the best answer where we should head is, chase that dream which you always wanted to live in a smart way while being crazy enough to say to your grandchild that I do not have regrets about my life.

We all want the presence of love and care in our life but we keep running behind money and satisfaction to be maintained.

Believe in a Happier Tomorrow!

PEACE! ~ αm




Yesterday, as usual, I was chatting with one of my friend, and I came to know the worst part of her life but I am in a dicey situation should I make it public or not as it is not something most of us are not comfortable to speak out and such things are kept secret only not because the image of the person is being spoiled in disclosing about the thing but there are other parameters which make them quite, sometimes it’s a shame and sometimes it’s just excuse. But I am really angry and ashamed that person with whom the situation happened did not speak up about the situation as it situation took place at her best friend’s party at the host place itself. P.S.: Fortunately it was not rape but an unacceptable behaviour.

Many of us now very much familiar with word “RAPE” and the ill effects of the same but what do we do when you come across the word in our day to day life, we ignore it. Yes, IGNORE it because that’s what we do until the things are not happening in our life we ignore it!

Yes, even I used to ignore it, and you can say the story of yesterday triggered my anger just like everyone else’s anger would have triggered after their closed one’s incidence is brought to light. The part I am regretting right now is why I am publishing this half draft after I am angry over the situation now, I should have done long before from when I realised the sensitivity of the situation and the outcomes from them.

There are several girls around the world who can not speak even after knowing the things are worst even then they keep mouth shut, and this is what irritates me. Rather keeping quite over the problems they are not ignoring the situation they are actually indirectly supporting the act of foolish people which leads to other outcomes which are not really great.

Many societies will blame women’s improper behaviour or clothing sense but even guys are at the same level of fault which leads to the whole goof that’s rape or unacceptable behaviour. But where we all heading to in blaming each other, back to square one. We are not going ahead or getting directed to a proper path.

We all are educated enough to know to stay in our limits and behave in a way which does not wreck the life of others, but still for our personal needs are to be forced upon others to be fulfilled, that is actually crazy.

Why can not a woman speak up? Why can not a man control the sexual urge? Why something devastating has to take place for some extreme decisions to be taken in action? If these extreme decisions are taken place then why one of the people start misusing the decision? There are so many questions which I am still trying to figure out.

I will be waiting for the day where I do not get an news of Rape being published or a act which is taking place on our loved ones so we take up an action.

PEACE! ~ αm

Early Birds vs Night Owls


Everyone has their unique style of living and completing their work or enjoying the entertainment. The Same way we all have our own habit to stay awake at night or to wake up early and enjoy the morning. Frankly speaking, I’m both types of Person that is Morning Person as well as Night Person because I love to enjoy both Bright Sunny Day and Dark Silent Night. Both have their ups and downs, but they will be viewed by everyone’s point of view rather mine, but somewhere they agree on the downs of their choice.

The thing with morning is that they much fresher than nights. Your mind and soul are not at all tired to start some new work or complete one of your pending work. Surely for making your sleeping pattern such that you wake up early is a tedious job but surely its worth the efforts. But that early morning run which you had and then the fresh cup of coffee with some lip-smacking sandwich, the man then can surely make your day.

And similarly with the night the pitch black silence is useful for concentrating over an unfinished job but it does affect your sleeping pattern and over a period of time it gives one or the other health issues which no one really wants it. But while staring at the moon you surely can miss someone special, call them up and have a conversation with them while both looking at the moon (your personal own virtual video calling) can be one of your splendid romantic night you spend with some distance between you two.

But between with this two, the connecting element is here the sleep which is needed the most the most to any person as it’s the to time charge up yourself for next activity. The change in the sleep pattern can actually you affect too much which you may not even give a thought also to it. As I mentioned early it affects your health but it also affects your behavioural pattern or in the words, you will have more moods swings than you used in your normal days.

So my suggestion will be pin point, enjoy both the habits but also make sure you have a sound sleep to have healthy future. It takes a lot to keep yourself healthy and the way to be healthy is sleep and enjoy yourself the Energetic Morning and Classy Nights.

PEACE! ~ αm

Why Teenagers Use Abusive Words So Frequently?


The other day I was walking down in our department and a friend of mine came up to me and started abusing me for the incident which happened earlier that morning. While this dramatic incident was taking place, one of our department’s senior professor came into the picture, hearing the high altitude abusive words made ma’am shell shock, and instead of further saying anything to my friend she passed by, making it clear that he was going get into big trouble.

After this incident I approached a close buddy (The Writer) of mine who is high-class abuser and I straight away asked him “Why do you use abusive words all the time?” as we are close friends he answered me positively, his answer was simply genuine one (but yet I felt it was not convincing ) and left me thinking ‘What about others?’ Later, thinking about the question and incident I got involved into, we both started to dive deep into the topic to get the reason behind this attitude of current generation. Both of us put on our thinking caps on and started to do some study over the young generation which included guys and girls as well.

While our think tanks were working to get an answer, we simultaneously did a quick survey with our friends in and around our life who use cuss word as well as who don’t. The survey was leading us to some realisation of bad part of our life which was shocking. But we were happy, only for one reason that our thinking and the quick survey was leading to similar answers. The answer concluding that the cuss words are being used mostly casually (yes casually!!! Even we were shocked over it), under frustration (yeah, yeah we know frustration brings out the devil out of us), while one is angry and the most shocking concluding answer was, for gaining “the cool quotient” (What the Fish? For getting fame frame they abuse, that’s shell shocking). While none of the concluding was a reasonable reason, we would just say it’s just a “daag” (bad spot) on the image of current generation.

Most of the abusive words used are of our National Language which mostly recalls the “Mother” and “Sister” of the gainer, now just translate them into English those cuss words will be used by the people who follow the Western Culture more than that of the Indian Culture. If we have a look at our grandparents’ generation, we may realise that using words in the past like ‘Idiot, Stupid, Fool, Donkey and much others’ which are used up by the current generations’ tiny tots which indicated that how advance our generation has become in the field of giving the cuss words.

Most of our current generation feel that the previous generation was just too much reserved over using cuss words, but if we need to give an appropriate thought over it, it is that they were more sophisticated people than the current youth generation. Somewhere or the other we should understand ourselves and start controlling ourselves over the frequency of the cuss words we are using. Not for ourselves but for respect and dignity of the previous generation and for proper moulding of the future generation.

P.S.: One of the writers is himself a serial abuser and the second behaves sophisticated in front of the girls only.

PEACE! ~ αm (ft. sv)