Perfection? We all seek the perfection in everything, the things we buy, the things we fall in love with, the person who wants to be a part of life nearly everything. But are we ourselves perfect?

Before answering yes, let’s go through few points.

When was the last time you brought a flawless product let it be anything? I doubt that has happened anytime soon with anyone. So considering that we cross out the products perfection from this piece of the article altogether, maybe we shed some light on it someday later.

Let talk about humans, uh huh?

I am ready to take an open challenge for anyone who claims to be Mr or Ms Or Mrs Perfect, to prove them they aren’t one and frankly, no one needs to be completely perfect. We are imperfect for a specific reason and that is because the person with whom you will probably share your life has all the things perfect which you are imperfect at.

Let’s take one of my close friends examples, he is one the biggest nerd who is crazy about food and money, for most of the part he perfect for selection of food stuff but when it comes to financing man he is damn perfect about his level, I won’t say, he’s a  financial genius but he is perfect but he is damn imperfect when it comes to care for someone or have proper genuine feelings for a human being, man it is a big no-no when it comes to making a bond with girls especially. His response to this will be lame, if you have money you’ll get a girl, I agree he will surely get some hot lady but that person will be a gold digger (Gold Digger are people who make a relationship with anyone just for the sake of money). Initially when I was worried about this behaviour of his I tried to make him understand, manipulated him and what not but now I don’t take that initiative not because I’ve given up on him it is because I have learned the cycle of life, that one day the lady who will become in life which will be his forever will be perfect in that parameter of life. She will teach him how to be perfect with emotions.

Let’s take a plot summary from a movie, The Matchbreaker.

The guy who falls for a girl in high school ends up being in love her for the whole time, so whenever he gets into the relationship he ends up breaking them by giving 7 specific justification why the girl isn’t perfect. Later when the love of her life returns back into the town he comes across and a new bond develops between them eventually both falling for each other until one day he realises that she isn’t the perfect girl he pictured all the time she is one hell of a messy girl while organising thing at her home sweet home. This flaw starts disturbing him, but eventually, he learns that no one is perfect in this world, so he stays stuck to the fact she is the perfect one for him.

And yes, even I’m not perfect at all, for instance, I can tell areas where I’m the worst, that’s managing or organising things, I love things organised but for me, it is really hard to keep up with an organised place. There are few more things where I have tried my hand to be nearly as perfect but now I don’t even wanna be close to it, I just want to take that part be learned about it but do not want to be perfect about it.

I’m not at all trying to picture that the person who will be stuck with you for the rest of the life, just throw your imperfect responsibilities on them and leave it altogether rather you’ll learn about your flaw from someone which will actually make a difference in your life. And never ever be perfect in that thing because what’s your better half for then?

“Too late, I found you can’t wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.”
― Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes

Peace! ~ αm


Hide and Seek!


Today we all have a bad habit of hiding our feelings from the people whom we are close to. This is where we start to mess things up. But this is not the only issue we all face. We hide our feelings from our close ones and yet expect them to understand us, without we telling them what is going on in our mind. I agree, but does it really work this way?

As a kid, we end up doing some things that are not to be done at that particular age, but somehow we end up doing it. Eventually, we have a bag of mixed feelings. On one hand, feeling an accomplishment that none other kid has achieved what you have. On the other, fear of not letting parents have any knowledge of our mischief. So in the fear of how our parents will react, we start hiding things from parents. To save ourselves from the scare of our parent’s reaction, we hide our joyous accomplishment. This is just one feeling, this is how and where things start to build and hiding of our emotions.

Then, as you grow, you hit puberty and start falling for that adorable girl in your class or the cute guy next door. We talk to them with butterflies in our stomach but never dare to express our feelings in the panic/hesitation of hearing a ‘No’ from that person.

Let’s jump a few years when we are reasonably adult, in our mid-20s, trying to gather all our stuff in a perfect manner in which we have secretly dreamed off. Also somehow things are working in proper synchronisation as we expected over the years but then again coming to camouflaging our feelings, the close friend for whom you had fallen for eventually and dreamt of having a life together, we do not express ourselves fearing to lose that beautiful friendship.

We don’t share the disagreement in front of our boss and be his pet to save the job and gain extra bonus at the end of the year. We start hiding our feelings to our siblings in making them happy enough while struggling with our own mess.

So, next time try to be expressive to the people you care the most for and even make them comfortable to express. Because everyone’s heart somewhere wants to sing along this music piece.

If you love me, don’t let go
If you love me, don’t let go

Hold on
Hold on to me
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady
A little unsteady

Unsteady by X Ambassadors

Peace! ~ αm

The Essence of Affection


A year ago a strange puppy came in our vicinity, looking like a Labrador but was not one. On my daily walk with my dog, the only thing I used to do is feed him some packets of biscuits or maybe some fresh milk. Due to my certain limitations, I could only feed him once. As this daily association of mine with him gradually increased, making an irresistible bond. And the most important part was that I named him “Creamy“.

He grew up fast and when he reached his fully grown size he sort of looked like the “Scooby” from the famous cartoon series, so most of the other people in the vicinity renamed him “Scooby” but for me, he was still Creamy.

A few months later a dog gave birth to a litter of pups and at the same Creamy started staying out of my front door, and guess what Creamy did with the litter of pups? He took real care of them by playing with them, feeding those puppies when we missed out giving food on time, and yes, the most important part was that he communicated with them in order to stay at a particular location so have an eye on them or letting us do so.

This became a daily routine for him, for puppies and surely for us too. So eventually, we became pet parents of 6 dogs and trust me it was not really easy to take care of so many dogs as the people in the vicinity tried to object with silly reasons as not to feed them or take care of but Creamy was our perfect helping hand for us.

This routine was carried on for months but lately, Creamy have started coming home less frequently and we were perturbed by this thing, so the search started as to where he usually started to live. A day ago we came to know where he was, he was taking care of the new litter of pups with the same extent of affection and love. But at the same time, his affection for me had not reduced even a bit, because when I called his name out he gave a break to those puppies and came along with me and later home and all the way back home he walked really close to me. He came home, spent a good time with me and family, of course, he played with puppies in the vicinity too and after filling his stomach completely he left to take care of the puppies he is with these days.

By now, you must be thinking why I am telling you this whole story. It’s because it gives out a lovely message that is, “People who realise what loneliness is, are always ready to be there for others!” And this message actually is not applicable to humans only, it’s applicable to all animals as well.

PEACE! ~ αm



Yesterday, as usual, I was chatting with one of my friend, and I came to know the worst part of her life but I am in a dicey situation should I make it public or not as it is not something most of us are not comfortable to speak out and such things are kept secret only not because the image of the person is being spoiled in disclosing about the thing but there are other parameters which make them quite, sometimes it’s a shame and sometimes it’s just excuse. But I am really angry and ashamed that person with whom the situation happened did not speak up about the situation as it situation took place at her best friend’s party at the host place itself. P.S.: Fortunately it was not rape but an unacceptable behaviour.

Many of us now very much familiar with word “RAPE” and the ill effects of the same but what do we do when you come across the word in our day to day life, we ignore it. Yes, IGNORE it because that’s what we do until the things are not happening in our life we ignore it!

Yes, even I used to ignore it, and you can say the story of yesterday triggered my anger just like everyone else’s anger would have triggered after their closed one’s incidence is brought to light. The part I am regretting right now is why I am publishing this half draft after I am angry over the situation now, I should have done long before from when I realised the sensitivity of the situation and the outcomes from them.

There are several girls around the world who can not speak even after knowing the things are worst even then they keep mouth shut, and this is what irritates me. Rather keeping quite over the problems they are not ignoring the situation they are actually indirectly supporting the act of foolish people which leads to other outcomes which are not really great.

Many societies will blame women’s improper behaviour or clothing sense but even guys are at the same level of fault which leads to the whole goof that’s rape or unacceptable behaviour. But where we all heading to in blaming each other, back to square one. We are not going ahead or getting directed to a proper path.

We all are educated enough to know to stay in our limits and behave in a way which does not wreck the life of others, but still for our personal needs are to be forced upon others to be fulfilled, that is actually crazy.

Why can not a woman speak up? Why can not a man control the sexual urge? Why something devastating has to take place for some extreme decisions to be taken in action? If these extreme decisions are taken place then why one of the people start misusing the decision? There are so many questions which I am still trying to figure out.

I will be waiting for the day where I do not get an news of Rape being published or a act which is taking place on our loved ones so we take up an action.

PEACE! ~ αm

Early Birds vs Night Owls


Everyone has their unique style of living and completing their work or enjoying the entertainment. The Same way we all have our own habit to stay awake at night or to wake up early and enjoy the morning. Frankly speaking, I’m both types of Person that is Morning Person as well as Night Person because I love to enjoy both Bright Sunny Day and Dark Silent Night. Both have their ups and downs, but they will be viewed by everyone’s point of view rather mine, but somewhere they agree on the downs of their choice.

The thing with morning is that they much fresher than nights. Your mind and soul are not at all tired to start some new work or complete one of your pending work. Surely for making your sleeping pattern such that you wake up early is a tedious job but surely its worth the efforts. But that early morning run which you had and then the fresh cup of coffee with some lip-smacking sandwich, the man then can surely make your day.

And similarly with the night the pitch black silence is useful for concentrating over an unfinished job but it does affect your sleeping pattern and over a period of time it gives one or the other health issues which no one really wants it. But while staring at the moon you surely can miss someone special, call them up and have a conversation with them while both looking at the moon (your personal own virtual video calling) can be one of your splendid romantic night you spend with some distance between you two.

But between with this two, the connecting element is here the sleep which is needed the most the most to any person as it’s the to time charge up yourself for next activity. The change in the sleep pattern can actually you affect too much which you may not even give a thought also to it. As I mentioned early it affects your health but it also affects your behavioural pattern or in the words, you will have more moods swings than you used in your normal days.

So my suggestion will be pin point, enjoy both the habits but also make sure you have a sound sleep to have healthy future. It takes a lot to keep yourself healthy and the way to be healthy is sleep and enjoy yourself the Energetic Morning and Classy Nights.

PEACE! ~ αm

Dogs Man’s Best Friend Forever


Dogs they are part of many people life one way or the other, some are scared of them because of their canine nature and some just can not live without them because of their adorable nature. It is not really difficult to add one or two in your family as they have an ability to fit into various surroundings. No matter where they are, with whom they are, or whatever the situation is they always have your back.

Recently due to a crazy experience I’d with my Dog (Casper), is actually making me ink down this post. I was really off edge nearly broke down for some of my Personal reason, shredding tears in the darkness of night when my family members were asleep and just like a ray of light in darkness show up when you need the most similarly, Casper showed up with eyes too wet. That exact moment thing changed in a flash, his wet eyes just gave me smile on my face and hope to fight my problem. I had read somewhere Dogs replicate human emotions and that night I observed it or rather I should say felt that glorious moment making me realised that he is gonna be on my side no matter what happens with me.

I will suggest all those people reading this article if you do not have a Dog or some other Pet just think of bringing one home to your life will surely transfer, that is surely assured. Yes even though you are mind is all set to bring one home make sure you are ready to take responsibilities of raising a pet, which takes much higher efforts than a raising a human child as initially, it’s hard enough to learn the communication between the two of you if it your first time. Even you agree every first time stuff are hard but once when you get into the flow you just know how to flow into it.

My prior suggestion will be Dog to adopt (Do not purchase them, just search over the internet for Dog adoption centres) as they are much more faithful than many human beings. The best Secret Keeper, Life Teacher, a Support which you always wanted and various skills or rather I should say qualities. Seriously Dogs are Man’s Best Friend Forever.

I’ll just wrap up this article by saying two things, Happy Petting to all those Pet Lovers and Get Lost to those Pet Hatters.

PEACE! ~ αm

Why Teenagers Use Abusive Words So Frequently?


The other day I was walking down in our department and a friend of mine came up to me and started abusing me for the incident which happened earlier that morning. While this dramatic incident was taking place, one of our department’s senior professor came into the picture, hearing the high altitude abusive words made ma’am shell shock, and instead of further saying anything to my friend she passed by, making it clear that he was going get into big trouble.

After this incident I approached a close buddy (The Writer) of mine who is high-class abuser and I straight away asked him “Why do you use abusive words all the time?” as we are close friends he answered me positively, his answer was simply genuine one (but yet I felt it was not convincing ) and left me thinking ‘What about others?’ Later, thinking about the question and incident I got involved into, we both started to dive deep into the topic to get the reason behind this attitude of current generation. Both of us put on our thinking caps on and started to do some study over the young generation which included guys and girls as well.

While our think tanks were working to get an answer, we simultaneously did a quick survey with our friends in and around our life who use cuss word as well as who don’t. The survey was leading us to some realisation of bad part of our life which was shocking. But we were happy, only for one reason that our thinking and the quick survey was leading to similar answers. The answer concluding that the cuss words are being used mostly casually (yes casually!!! Even we were shocked over it), under frustration (yeah, yeah we know frustration brings out the devil out of us), while one is angry and the most shocking concluding answer was, for gaining “the cool quotient” (What the Fish? For getting fame frame they abuse, that’s shell shocking). While none of the concluding was a reasonable reason, we would just say it’s just a “daag” (bad spot) on the image of current generation.

Most of the abusive words used are of our National Language which mostly recalls the “Mother” and “Sister” of the gainer, now just translate them into English those cuss words will be used by the people who follow the Western Culture more than that of the Indian Culture. If we have a look at our grandparents’ generation, we may realise that using words in the past like ‘Idiot, Stupid, Fool, Donkey and much others’ which are used up by the current generations’ tiny tots which indicated that how advance our generation has become in the field of giving the cuss words.

Most of our current generation feel that the previous generation was just too much reserved over using cuss words, but if we need to give an appropriate thought over it, it is that they were more sophisticated people than the current youth generation. Somewhere or the other we should understand ourselves and start controlling ourselves over the frequency of the cuss words we are using. Not for ourselves but for respect and dignity of the previous generation and for proper moulding of the future generation.

P.S.: One of the writers is himself a serial abuser and the second behaves sophisticated in front of the girls only.

PEACE! ~ αm (ft. sv)