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Attraction? Love? Lust?


We all have a day or other where we will be having or have a connection with a person of the opposite sex. But what was the connection really? Of Love? Lust? Or Attraction?


This happens to any active person at least most of the time in the day. So that awesome looking guy who has the girl’s class or on the hot girl just passed by the man who gets the woos! But sometimes this attraction is not just temporary but more intense than the usual one, where we are seeking to gain the full attention of the other one and turn our attraction into love or something more concrete. We chat, talk, and stalk to gather each and every piece of information of the person so that we succeed in every single way having the hardest battle to fight for converting that Attraction into Love. But at the same time, this could be the worst phase where we try to get the best result out of our hard work to get that particular person’s whole and sole attention and love, we may end up being into some other soup altogether and making us doubt ourselves. But this should be a good point for us that we have received a rejection but this most of the times result into sadness making it undesirable for ourselves and for any others. But many take it in a positive way and try to keep improving them continuously.


On lust, endless words are shared, this is more sort of a feeling mixed with your physical desires but just being libidinous is not essential for an actual relationship, it’s more than that. An understanding of that particular necessity of a human being. Most of the people are really shy to open on the lust side thinking what all labels would be attached to their name because at the end of the day our name is the only thing which we care about rather our feelings. I certainly feel that one should not hide our lust but at the same time should know certain limit till one share those feelings because we are not on earth to keep screwing around people for it. Rather the impression should be made so special that one does feel completed after sharing the bodies and getting a sense of completeness altogether.

For any particular person, it should be the last piece of all the jigsaws, but I’ve beheld certain stories where this was the stage before the feeling of attraction drops, just because the situation they are fallen into and stories do have a happy ending. Yeah, this cannot actually happen to each one of us, but it does happen.


It’s time to drop that essential light on the road which lies between Attraction and Love. “Love at first sight” this is the worst line I’ve ever come across because it should be said “Attraction at first sight” no one can fall in love just by a single sight it requires a certain period of time after which we start loving the person. So what’s love then? It’s a mixed feeling for sure in which we are attracted to the person as well we have a different type of attraction and lust level altogether. It’s a feeling which makes smile at any given time or situation. It is just that feeling where we know “everything gonna be alright” if you think that person is there in your life. One can portrait love in continuous fashion. Certainly one can only feel it perfect as per their definition of love, but the simple definition can be applied to everyone’s definition that’s “Happiness”.

When this happiness is achieved one will be forever attracted to that person and at the same time will have great satisfaction in the lust they share for each other.

By now you must be thinking what the big picture is in all this? The answer is we all are stuck in a situation where we believe our lust is our love, we are trying to fool ourselves into thinking that the physical satisfaction we are getting is the actual definition of love which ain’t the reason of our love. Our hormonal changes lead to some different ball game altogether. We are attracted to someone and then we directly jump to a later stage of lust and think we are in love, but that isn’t true we only satisfy our physical needs rather our emotional needs, making our lives more complicated than what we really have. Giving our physical require more curb than our emotional one leads to many deteriorations in one’s life.

The frequency of the one changing partners is way too crazy nowadays making it hard for us to really understand our feelings and making every other feeling tangled into these feelings. These three emotions carry one of the feelings together along the side of it, that’s “Caring“. Caring is the supporting actor in all these three movies of our feeling. Without that care, none of the feelings can really be successful each in their own perspective.

So next time when you are attracted don’t directly jump to final need, first be attracted fall in love with person’s minutiae then complete yourselves with the lust in a genuine way rather than to show off in your fraudulent social life which just a virtual space with no base.

“Love consists of this: two solitudes that meet, protect and greet each other” – Rainer Maria Rilke

PEACE! ~ αm

USB Type – C | Unfolded!


Recently Apple launched a new 12″ Macbook with its only port that is USB Type – C, and the world of non-geeks following Apple Products go insane. “Wow” “Awesome” “That’s a great new feature” and what not, seriously people need to understand few things before you genuinely go crazy about the new port or I should say USB Type – C.

A female adapter of the new USB Type – C.

Yes, I agree the new USB Type – C a.k.a. USB 3.1 (Yes, it is 3.1) the upgrade of the previous USB Types is actually the best version of USB. Period. But before understanding what is this new version I will like to give a briefing of the previous versions of USB.

The Previous Versions of USB are as follows:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s quite been a revolution after USB came first in the world of technology. Things eventually started to change with the wiring done around to attach one peripheral to another using the USB. We have been using it nowadays to charge our gadgets, to transfer data, to give input signals to gadgets (keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.) and to give output signals (printers, speakers, etc.). We have even got several adapters to use the USB of one type to another, USB to PS/2 port, USB to micro USB or some or the other way the list can go on.

But why is this USB Type – C, so essential to actually give importance like right now, no it’s not because the new FruitBook (If  you know what I Mean) is sporting one, but it is because it’s going to change many things from now onward. The every single USB port you see right now will be replaced by new USB Type – C port, which will make things simpler.

Just imagine your files getting transferred at a high-speed of 10Gbps, your all multimedia transferred infraction seconds. Just imagine a monitor with high-definition graphic capabilities getting a power consumption of up to 10W. All these packed in size dimension of 8.4mm x 2.6mm that is USB Type – C.

After a year from now, all those flagship devices will start sporting this new port as well as laptops and tablets. Like nearly all devices will start having it.

The most interesting thing is you won’t face this issue:

This always happens... *.*

This always happens… *.*

All because it’s reversible, no matter which you plug it in, every single time.

The only thing which is of concern for us is to get those new adapters as per our requirement because a whole lot of confusion is gonna happen for a period of maybe a year or too, then eventually things will actually be Universal (unless some fruity company wants to come up with storm port). This will take at least a year or two to become as common as the current USB Type-A, this will simply our way of working with our devices. A small simple connector for all our power as well as data connections.

I’ll be waiting with the other technology lovers to simply those cables all around us.

PEACE! ~ αm

Hello World!


It’s an great initiative to help out people in need… Join hands in helping people …

PEACE! ~ αm

Aapne Log

Aapne Log‘ are a group of Engineering Students / Business Men who are aware of one’s need, when ‘Aapne Log’ are needed i.e. when some one gets stranded while travelling or when on Pilgrimage or on move alone or with family – someone’s purse is lost or pick pocketed or luggage is flicked while travelling and you are genuinely  stranded without any money or spare money where you can’t now have a simple food or lunch for your kids, wife, parents and family are dumb struck in such situation a decent person cannot go on asking for help/money/food in a new place with no familiar face/place  to rely on or call for now what to do – This is where Our helping hand of AAPNE LOG  comes in picture .

We do our best  to sort out your good / bad / ugly situations  by understanding your present need…

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