High on Coffee


Sipping the last sip from the cup,
I knew this cup won’t help me much,
but still, I craved for it.
It was already 3 am,
but the assignment had to be completed,
otherwise, I would lose my job.
I just need to stay awake,
so the only thing which will help me was a coffee,
because in this time of stress no one knows me well like it does.
Tonight, even you had to betray me
and make me fall asleep on the study table.
A coffee bean popped up out of nowhere on the table,
“Hey, relax! You need sleep for now, let me carry you to the room”
It was strange for me to see a coffee bean talking and carrying me in my room but it felt relaxing.
I slept like a kid that night as snuggled up in the cold breeze and warm hands around me,
I woke up with a bit of dizziness as I was about to fall from the bed,
someone just retained me, not letting me fall to the ground.
I turn out just to see her with a beautiful smile,
“Hey, good morning honey! You have a couple of hours more before the presentation.”
I wasn’t sure when she came back,
but it wasn’t coffee bean last night who carried me in,
it was my Wife.

Love ~ αm


The Climb – Koraigad Fort


Got a Call from a friend and
after nearly a year I decided to do it again,
As growing old gives less of time to ourselves,
still cracking out little time was a must.
The standard journey commenced off,
reached the base and sprang the climb.
Taking snippets of nature’s representation,
and cracking lame jokes,
we finally reached the top.
The joy I saw on my friends face,
and hug we made,
infused me with a different energy altogether.
The climb was a miniature one,
but the accomplishment was more robust.
Huge or miniature learn to enjoy,
the accomplishment in the best plausible way.

P.S.: This is a snippet of my small trek at Koraigad Fort, Lonavala.

Love ~ αm

Is it a Yes?


The night was waiting for a call,
a call from a number which has rung a couple of times.
The silence grew in the darkness.
a darkness which was seeking in the light for a new beginning.
The beginning was surely not I wanted,
but the beginning was what I needed to escape this messiness.
In the restless and calmness merging together,
the phone was in my shivering hands,
and then a call came in, at an instance the ‘Hello!’ were exchanged.
The joy poured in as the answer from him was a ‘Yes!’
all shivering, fear, anxiety vanished in the dark.
That night I received the light from the call in disguise,
which would guide me the darkest night making the things right.

P.S.: This poem is dedicated to a friend who got ‘Yes’ from her fiance (now her husband). She told me this incident the next day, the joy and happiness I could see on her face and voice really something which I loved watching and seeing her happy made my day.

Peace! ~ αm



I took fries dipped in the lovely chocolate sauce ,
dripping down the ice cream bowl,
before my friend asked me ‘Are you drunk?’
I mismatched my clothes,
just to show I’m ignoring someone’s party,
but ended getting all the attention,
a friend ended up asking ‘Are you drunk?’
I and my close friend were on the call from last,
3 hours and when I hung up,
my roommate asks me ‘Was he drunk?’
I and my best friend ended up watching,
an animated movie last night,
and having a laugh of a lifetime,
the person next to me,
asked ‘Are you both drunk?’
I penned down a beautiful poem,
about the feelings I had while writing it,
send it to a couple of friends,
and there was that one friend,
asking ‘Were you drunk while writing it?’
I have never understood,
Is it necessary to feel the emotions you need to be drunk?
Can’t we be high on life?

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: May be I need to share more of poems after the response I got for my last poem, rather just writing it on a random paper and throwing it away. Thanks V, for sharing my previous poems around.)

Fake Promises.


The moment the words were in my ears,
I knew this moment will be recalled in different occasion of my life.
I took a deep breath and decided to escape,
but life never is as simple as we think,
the more I tried to get out of the mushy land the more I was sinking in.
It can help you get going from a dead stop,
but once you actually start moving, it does nothing.
The rules were the ones where
one should know the mojo.
The mojo which defines how to move out,
to start all your life with all new dreams which are never shared with them.
The dreams, the care, the love which was shared,
vanishes quicker than we realise because at the end of the day,
the connection was a fake one.
Because after giving in everything you still had to fight to make them stay,
is the most unethical relation you were in.
The lips which once said,
“Promise me you’ll never leave me.”
were the ones who never spoke the reason,
and they left without a word,
without an explanation.

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: Yesterday morning as the blogger was about to travel to some other city, he was up early and pinged me with the above poem. The first thing I questioned him was, ‘How on earth you wrote this poem?’ and I immediately knew I need to share this one and previous one. Having the account credentials I took the liberty to publish them. I know he is going to scold me for publishing it, but I hope he won’t kill me. Regards, V.)

I Never Knew.


I never knew that proposing someone was so essential.

I never knew that saying “I Love You” was so essential.

I never knew that not keeping expectation was so essential.

I never knew that the words I believed which were asking me to stay forever can be fake.

I never knew when helping out, will be having all the fake reasons in the world.

I never knew hugging a person really close was not enough.

I never knew kissing those soft lips passionately with a surprise was not enough.

I never knew giving all the time from the busy schedule was not enough.

I never knew giving all the freedom except certain was not enough.

I never knew involving a person in my family was not enough.

I never knew giving endless chances was not enough.

I never knew a girl cries over marriage rejection so that guy can propose her.

I never knew saying things in anger meant the reality.

I never knew keeping my issues aside while listening to your was not enough.

I never knew only one person has to be in all the efforts for maintaining the relation, the other will act only after they been said to do so.

I never knew I could fall for a girl who completely opposite of what I was expecting from a soul mate.

I never knew saying “No” to someones needs is important to save our self worth.

I just simply never knew…

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: This poem was written a year ago when things got shattered in blogger’s life. But he never published it to the public, he kept it password protected but now I am sharing it because the poem is really lovely as I hope you love it too. Regards, V.)



I still remember the day I met you,
you were crying along the loneliness as the world had crashed down for you.
I knew you just needed that support to live,
and I had perception as to how can I do that for you.
Soon, you became my late night pal,
with whom I started sharing the ups and downs of my life.

The nights were quiet but we spoke along the road of life.
I remember telling you, “You are always welcomed whenever you need help.”
and you replying with the spark of an eye saying it all the trust you have is on me.
The longer we spend time together the deeper our bond became,
and there came a time when I had to leave the city but the door was still open for you always.
I moved and soon you came in, those rainy nights were making you sick and you knew the promise which I made was not a fake.

You came in, and you were welcomed with the warmest heart.
Soon you were the family member just like the others, in the days of misery and joy all was shared.
And today you are lost somewhere, unknown where and how?
But here I’m saying once again, “You are always welcomed whenever you need help.”
though this time I am selfish and asking you to come home
so I can give you a nice Jaddu ki Jhappi filled with Love.

If you can hear the scream of my heart “Please do come in, I’m waiting for you.”

Peace! ~ αm