The 2nd Ranker


Sorry for writing so late, you know how much mess I am in right now.

So, finally, the last piece of domino has collapsed. People I met in Mumbai, the reason I found this city to be sustainable has scattered.

First Lee took the diversion in 2015.
Then Vichu in 2016.
Last year my ex.
And this year, finally the nail in the coffin you Dubey.

I still remember my first interaction with you, as I pissed you off and you left in all the anger. Yeah, I know you don’t remember this incident but I am very well aware of it as well as Vichu is (That’s my curse and a boon in many factors, of having great memories stored in the brain.) The funny part has we hardly had interactions with you while we were in College. Your first visit at Nasik is where things turned for us and the bond grew from there.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-03 at 6.48.05 PM

You teaching me a few crazy subjects while wrapping up the things in engineering as well as showing me how to be in love with Money and not being greedy for it. I owe you for these two things that I have learnt from you.

Of course, going out in restaurants won’t be the same anymore as it was with you because of your ‘N’ number of criticism of location as well as the interior and the food itself. I cent per cent feel we became close friends due to the love for food and trying out the various dishes which are available on the menu. Right from having the crazy cheap food at Sion Koliwada to having the Mushroom Sev Puri and making a bill of **** at The Clearing House and everything in between. The only thing we need to continue is to try all the cuisine until we die. Buddy, now you need to improve your culinary skills quickly because Vichu has up his game we surely need to keep a competition who cooks better in 3 of us. For us, it will be Food ∞ Love.

Last year was the craziest time for me, after the breakup. There were many to handle me over the calls but you actually handled my tantrums in physical state and pulling me out of swampy mess I was in. You saw me doing the sh*tiest things I have ever done. Fortunately, you never saw me crying in actual. 😀

Me training you how to ride a bike and both of us ending up into skidding is a funny one. That day I got to see how one can be in shock who claims ‘I don’t carry emotions’ kinda guy. The endless scrolling on OLX just to get the best deal for laptops, mobile and what not. Approaching various sellers and also getting ourselves to screw up in the 5k scam. Damn it we need to recover it from others. 😛

I’m gonna visit your parents to eat chole bhature and also all other restaurants which we love to have food at, and send you photos while having the lovely delicacies or maybe some time give you a video call just to see your reaction. So, be ready with my endless teasing.

Last but not the least, I envy you for your matches on ****. FU for that. 🙂

So, now you have started off with a new journey of your life at Trichy. Of course, it is a proud moment for me but it is slightly an emotional moment too, you know why I will be emotional too. Please for God sake, do grab the 2nd rank.

I have always said that you taught me things about Money, Ex about Family being selfish, Vichu about Friends and Lee about not taking a step back until you win. This is what I learnt from staying in Mumbai with you all and I am thankful to all of you. And, now maybe it’s time for me to also to move on and start things which need to start.

Golden words by Rajiv P Rai: MBA krte krte Tiruchirappalli bolna seekh jaaye, wohi bohot hain! (In the course of doing MBA, if you learn how to say Triu….. should be more than enough!)

M, remember one thing no matter how much you care and respect people around you, no one will ever do the same for you except your parents.

– Dubey (Not his words, he had read it over Quora)



P.S. A friend is asking me to write in flashback form about all the domino which have fallen in last couples of years would you like to read all of them? Do let me know in the poll below.


Huh! Okay, whatever!


So yesterday I decided to give a good friend of mine the taste of her own medicine and today she feels so bad that she ended up sending me this mail. It’s really funny how people get furious when people start treating them the way they treat others.

Dear M,

See I’m not trying to rant you but, I’m just trying to show the major difference between me and everyone.
I don’t mind at all that you didn’t call back yesterday even after mentioning that you will call me in evening.

But this is the thing which makes me angry did I asked you to give hope to call me yesterday, NO! still you gave me hope you’ll call me I on purpose didn’t reply you I wanted to show why I get pissed off (PS I didn’t get pissed off yesterday, or maybe in future I won’t be angry on anyone, because I know how anyone will simply screw the hopes they give for me only)


I never asked any closed ones to give me hope by saying “I’ll do this for your birthday” “You are the most important person on earth to me” “I’ll be there for you at the mall” “Man, you are the best brother I ever got” “You are the best husband you’ll ever be” and endless such compliments and hopes which people tend to give me they are all simply words, and no actions on it! That’s where I lose my anger, I agree I’ve got anger issues at the same time my anger is genuine I feel. I feel it’s human nature too if I’m saying that “I’ll be doing XYZ for you” and if I don’t do the person whom I told this will surely fell bad about it.

Same way it happens to me people tell me endless things, the people who I value, that people words are in my heart and when that action is needed I tend to expect from them and not from the weird person I don’t like from my class to take an action on the words he once said to me.

That’s the whole deal with hopes and expectation, whatever the reason the person has when he or she does not obey that words they gave once to the closed ones, in the end, it matters who obey their very own words and not take the necessary action on it. That’s all I ask of anyone I never ask them to gift me a freaking MacBook Pro or a diamond-studded platinum ring.

Obey your own words.



P.S.: I really loved that I got a letter but a letter which is indirectly telling me that I pissed her off is simply great! Girls or ladies will never be able to see their own mistakes.

My reply to this mail was the most blunt answer ever: Huh! Okay, whatever!

I’m surely gonna get more threat mails from her in coming future. After this post going live.

Peace! ~ αm