Moving On…


I was forced to move on,
but I was not ready to kill the feelings by now.
I was hurting myself again and again
anticipating for you to pop up on my phone.
But time had to come,
found myself again cribbing about you to just another friend.
Just to learn the same thing again,
“Buddy she just used you.”
“You were just option for her.”
“She was only interested in money, at the end of the day.”
I have learnt these several ways via,
friends and self-assessment and what not.
But maybe I am fool till now,
to think you were genuine,
with your words and nature.
I was a fool then,
I am a fool now,
just to hold in you.
Maybe now it’s time to accept,
I was just an option for you,
and your words were fake like everyone else.
I have to force myself to move on…

Love ~ αm


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