The Window.


The rain was drizzling down the windows,
and the hot mug of chocolate was keeping the hands warm.

The comforting melody of water was growing on to the soul slowly,
but the mind was striving a lot with the heart lately.

At a distance, she saw lighting a struck
and before she can react to it
the thunder had already struck her eardrums.

And the flashbacks of blood just crushed all the calmness,
which was created by the rains moments ago.

The silence was second which struck next after the lighting,
there are few things which can never be erased from memories.

Just to escape more from the what was in the head,
she was about to leap out of the window when a hand she hated to touch holds her back.

The hand was enough to pull her out again from the cloud again,
from the bloody thoughts of their son’s death.

She learnt that night with teary eyes,
mind roaming in anxiety and
the heart pumping fear…
That the person you hated the most is the one who will
hold you longer than the person who shows you, pretended love.

Love ~ αm


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