High on Coffee


Sipping the last sip from the cup,
I knew this cup won’t help me much,
but still, I craved for it.
It was already 3 am,
but the assignment had to be completed,
otherwise, I would lose my job.
I just need to stay awake,
so the only thing which will help me was a coffee,
because in this time of stress no one knows me well like it does.
Tonight, even you had to betray me
and make me fall asleep on the study table.
A coffee bean popped up out of nowhere on the table,
“Hey, relax! You need sleep for now, let me carry you to the room”
It was strange for me to see a coffee bean talking and carrying me in my room but it felt relaxing.
I slept like a kid that night as snuggled up in the cold breeze and warm hands around me,
I woke up with a bit of dizziness as I was about to fall from the bed,
someone just retained me, not letting me fall to the ground.
I turn out just to see her with a beautiful smile,
“Hey, good morning honey! You have a couple of hours more before the presentation.”
I wasn’t sure when she came back,
but it wasn’t coffee bean last night who carried me in,
it was my Wife.

Love ~ αm


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