Is it a Yes?


The night was waiting for a call,
a call from a number which has rung a couple of times.
The silence grew in the darkness.
a darkness which was seeking in the light for a new beginning.
The beginning was surely not I wanted,
but the beginning was what I needed to escape this messiness.
In the restless and calmness merging together,
the phone was in my shivering hands,
and then a call came in, at an instance the ‘Hello!’ were exchanged.
The joy poured in as the answer from him was a ‘Yes!’
all shivering, fear, anxiety vanished in the dark.
That night I received the light from the call in disguise,
which would guide me the darkest night making the things right.

P.S.: This poem is dedicated to a friend who got ‘Yes’ from her fiance (now her husband). She told me this incident the next day, the joy and happiness I could see on her face and voice really something which I loved watching and seeing her happy made my day.

Peace! ~ αm


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