I took fries dipped in the lovely chocolate sauce ,
dripping down the ice cream bowl,
before my friend asked me ‘Are you drunk?’
I mismatched my clothes,
just to show I’m ignoring someone’s party,
but ended getting all the attention,
a friend ended up asking ‘Are you drunk?’
I and my close friend were on the call from last,
3 hours and when I hung up,
my roommate asks me ‘Was he drunk?’
I and my best friend ended up watching,
an animated movie last night,
and having a laugh of a lifetime,
the person next to me,
asked ‘Are you both drunk?’
I penned down a beautiful poem,
about the feelings I had while writing it,
send it to a couple of friends,
and there was that one friend,
asking ‘Were you drunk while writing it?’
I have never understood,
Is it necessary to feel the emotions you need to be drunk?
Can’t we be high on life?

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: May be I need to share more of poems after the response I got for my last poem, rather just writing it on a random paper and throwing it away. Thanks V, for sharing my previous poems around.)


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