Fake Promises.


The moment the words were in my ears,
I knew this moment will be recalled in different occasion of my life.
I took a deep breath and decided to escape,
but life never is as simple as we think,
the more I tried to get out of the mushy land the more I was sinking in.
It can help you get going from a dead stop,
but once you actually start moving, it does nothing.
The rules were the ones where
one should know the mojo.
The mojo which defines how to move out,
to start all your life with all new dreams which are never shared with them.
The dreams, the care, the love which was shared,
vanishes quicker than we realise because at the end of the day,
the connection was a fake one.
Because after giving in everything you still had to fight to make them stay,
is the most unethical relation you were in.
The lips which once said,
“Promise me you’ll never leave me.”
were the ones who never spoke the reason,
and they left without a word,
without an explanation.

Peace! ~ αm

(P.S.: Yesterday morning as the blogger was about to travel to some other city, he was up early and pinged me with the above poem. The first thing I questioned him was, ‘How on earth you wrote this poem?’ and I immediately knew I need to share this one and previous one. Having the account credentials I took the liberty to publish them. I know he is going to scold me for publishing it, but I hope he won’t kill me. Regards, V.)


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