The Hug.


Let me go easy on you, I fired you up with a kiss let me just hug you and calm down the pressure shoot on you.

A gesture well known for sharing deep care, hugs are lovely in any occasion or moment. The awesome part is you can share a hug on a festival like today Eid or share it with a group of friends ready to take down the opposite team while playing the gully cricket or by a little kid who got wounded but their mother knows to make things calm just by a hug.

We all have seen the movie named, Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and the iconic scene where the main lead hugs the sweeper when everyone messes the floor which he just cleans. Later throughout the movie, only one thing is bragged repeatedly that’s Jaddoo ki Jhappi aka Hug. In literal terms, Jhappi means a Hug but it’s said Jaddoo ki Jhappi which means a Hug of Magic. Yeah, a hug can surely do magic and be calling it a Jaddoo ki Jhappi simply makes it special for an unknown reason.

There are endless moments in my life where I have received a hug on a completely unexpected moment and not receiving one when the whole world broke down in front of me. Till date, my favourite hug will always be which I have received from two of close friends, one when he was about to leave for Canada and one when I had the tear in my eyes right after I received my degree certificate she simply hugged me. Both the hugs have been right before life took a turn parted them away from me. But above all of this, the most beautiful hugs are from my mother everytime I am about to leave for Mumbai after I stayed for a couple of days at Home being Mumma’s boy those hugs will always be the dearest ones to me.

With hugs, there is some energy which can be actually felt instantly and it can do wonders which even words can’t do the justice with because words can be faked but a genuine hug can never be faked.

A hug of fewer than six seconds or more than six seconds will always turn out to be awkward or creepy unless that person is your partner or you are simply sharing a deep connection with that person. As mentioned in Evening Standard, hugs can help us with our loneliness, heart disease, regulating response, mood boosting, and of course stress. I know many people who are not friendly or introvert and find it really awkward exactly how to approach a hug or for how long one should really hug because a quick hug doesn’t really add on any good but a six-seconds hug can surely do wonders.

So next time you have the right moment or occasion just grab the opportunity to hug the person you care for you never know it might be the last hug with that person.

A hug a day keeps the demons at bay. – German Proverb

Peace! ~ αm

Ek jaddoo ki jhappi mil sakti hai? (Can I get a Hug?)


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