The Kiss.


Yeah, I am quick with a new one.

So with an endless autoplay on YouTube, I stumbled across a video called First Kiss by Tatia Pllieva with whopping 129 Million views (as of 9th June), and my blog is dedicated to the awesome Tatia Pllieva.

Why everyone adores a kiss? The answer is simple, with a Kiss you can actually show in loads and loads of passions, no you can’t do that with a peck. A conventional suitable use of your lips will surely do miracles if you do it right.

With a kiss, you can tell the person how much you love them, how angry you are at that particular moment or simply just show them how deeply you care about them.

It will be funny for you to know that there are several types of Kiss which you can actually have with your partner or stranger. Just to list a few, here are some apart from the lip to lip kiss

The most gorgeous one. Kiss on the forehead.


The rich. The kiss on the Hand.


The superhero time. Spiderman kiss.


The lazy one. Single Lip Kiss.


The lewd one. Bite and Nibble Kiss.


The most beautiful feeling is, of course, the first kiss you share with someone but having the same beautiful feeling even when you are about to kiss the same person for the 50th time. That is the beauty of kissing, you can actually get the same butterflies in your stomach even after the several times you have done it. It’s like sex that you need to throw in some random stuff in it to keep the sparks of intimacy you simply need loads and loads of care and love that’s it. You will always have the same butterflies while having the kiss.

In the video 20 random strangers are made to kiss each other, the transformation from silly awkwardness to tenderness by the end of kiss is far beautiful transformation than anything you see. I have seen other videos under the categories of First Kiss which looks way to fake out or maybe the video has not been captured in the right way, but this video simply just pops up all the emotions at once.

The strings of words swirling in backdrop by Soko. The age, the sex, the status nothing comes up before the two individuals just decide to show up the tenderness they have for the person they are about to kiss. Even after they kiss they actually forget the name of each other or simply just compliment straight away how great the kiss was and the best passions one can portray without uttering a word, blush out.

I still feel sex is simply overrated, the kiss should be more focused on. Yeah, that’s the ugly truth, sex is actually overrated that doesn’t mean its bad or something it just that everyone has hyped it with a different perspective.

If you ever had a kiss you will surely understand what I am trying to flow in the thoughts through these words on the blog.

A Kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. – Ingrid Bergman

Peace! ~ αm

Can we make out more? Can we?


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