Wait, did that really happened?


Yesterday, I had to travel back to hometown for which I needed to board a train at 15.07. But unfortunately, I left late from office and things started to go in a funny way. Reached railway station from office, boarded the local train, came to the main station. After reaching, the first thing which happened is everyone’s Bollywood dream.

I’m running late, the train which I need to board is in next 3 minutes, I need to grab a ticket for which I need to withdraw cash and my bag’s buckle gets locked out in a some girl’s sling. Duh! What a moment it was! The time stopped, violins in the background were playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran. We both smiled and we were already in love with everything falling into place, right after it. I skipped my train we both sat there on the platform and our eyes did all the talking. It was the best moment in my life. We spoke for a great time before I boarded the next train. The first thing which struck my mind was, “Wait, did that really happened?” Butterflies were everywhere!

BS! That didn’t even happen in reality my bag got stuck in her sling, I pulled out my bag, instantly and ran towards boarding my train and when the girl tried to make that awkward ‘I’m sorry’ smile my only answer was “Ch*t*y! hass matt, bag nikal muje late ho raha hai” (Idiot, pull out the bag I’m getting late). Staying in Mumbai simply makes you value for TIME much more than anything else and especially for the hilarious Bollywood BS! Yeah, I boarded the train (Fortunately, otherwise that girl would have been roasted badly in my head!) and came to my hometown on time.

Yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan!
(This is Mumbai, Love!)

Peace! ~ αm


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