Yesterday, as usual, I was chatting with one of my friend, and I came to know the worst part of her life but I am in a dicey situation should I make it public or not as it is not something most of us are not comfortable to speak out and such things are kept secret only not because the image of the person is being spoiled in disclosing about the thing but there are other parameters which make them quite, sometimes it’s a shame and sometimes it’s just excuse. But I am really angry and ashamed that person with whom the situation happened did not speak up about the situation as it situation took place at her best friend’s party at the host place itself. P.S.: Fortunately it was not rape but an unacceptable behaviour.

Many of us now very much familiar with word “RAPE” and the ill effects of the same but what do we do when you come across the word in our day to day life, we ignore it. Yes, IGNORE it because that’s what we do until the things are not happening in our life we ignore it!

Yes, even I used to ignore it, and you can say the story of yesterday triggered my anger just like everyone else’s anger would have triggered after their closed one’s incidence is brought to light. The part I am regretting right now is why I am publishing this half draft after I am angry over the situation now, I should have done long before from when I realised the sensitivity of the situation and the outcomes from them.

There are several girls around the world who can not speak even after knowing the things are worst even then they keep mouth shut, and this is what irritates me. Rather keeping quite over the problems they are not ignoring the situation they are actually indirectly supporting the act of foolish people which leads to other outcomes which are not really great.

Many societies will blame women’s improper behaviour or clothing sense but even guys are at the same level of fault which leads to the whole goof that’s rape or unacceptable behaviour. But where we all heading to in blaming each other, back to square one. We are not going ahead or getting directed to a proper path.

We all are educated enough to know to stay in our limits and behave in a way which does not wreck the life of others, but still for our personal needs are to be forced upon others to be fulfilled, that is actually crazy.

Why can not a woman speak up? Why can not a man control the sexual urge? Why something devastating has to take place for some extreme decisions to be taken in action? If these extreme decisions are taken place then why one of the people start misusing the decision? There are so many questions which I am still trying to figure out.

I will be waiting for the day where I do not get an news of Rape being published or a act which is taking place on our loved ones so we take up an action.

PEACE! ~ αm


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