USB Type – C | Unfolded!


Recently Apple launched a new 12″ Macbook with its only port that is USB Type – C, and the world of non-geeks following Apple Products go insane. “Wow” “Awesome” “That’s a great new feature” and what not, seriously people need to understand few things before you genuinely go crazy about the new port or I should say USB Type – C.

A female adapter of the new USB Type – C.

Yes, I agree the new USB Type – C a.k.a. USB 3.1 (Yes, it is 3.1) the upgrade of the previous USB Types is actually the best version of USB. Period. But before understanding what is this new version I will like to give a briefing of the previous versions of USB.

The Previous Versions of USB are as follows:

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s quite been a revolution after USB came first in the world of technology. Things eventually started to change with the wiring done around to attach one peripheral to another using the USB. We have been using it nowadays to charge our gadgets, to transfer data, to give input signals to gadgets (keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.) and to give output signals (printers, speakers, etc.). We have even got several adapters to use the USB of one type to another, USB to PS/2 port, USB to micro USB or some or the other way the list can go on.

But why is this USB Type – C, so essential to actually give importance like right now, no it’s not because the new FruitBook (If  you know what I Mean) is sporting one, but it is because it’s going to change many things from now onward. The every single USB port you see right now will be replaced by new USB Type – C port, which will make things simpler.

Just imagine your files getting transferred at a high-speed of 10Gbps, your all multimedia transferred infraction seconds. Just imagine a monitor with high-definition graphic capabilities getting a power consumption of up to 10W. All these packed in size dimension of 8.4mm x 2.6mm that is USB Type – C.

After a year from now, all those flagship devices will start sporting this new port as well as laptops and tablets. Like nearly all devices will start having it.

The most interesting thing is you won’t face this issue:

This always happens... *.*

This always happens… *.*

All because it’s reversible, no matter which you plug it in, every single time.

The only thing which is of concern for us is to get those new adapters as per our requirement because a whole lot of confusion is gonna happen for a period of maybe a year or too, then eventually things will actually be Universal (unless some fruity company wants to come up with storm port). This will take at least a year or two to become as common as the current USB Type-A, this will simply our way of working with our devices. A small simple connector for all our power as well as data connections.

I’ll be waiting with the other technology lovers to simply those cables all around us.

PEACE! ~ αm


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