Early Birds vs Night Owls


Everyone has their unique style of living and completing their work or enjoying the entertainment. The Same way we all have our own habit to stay awake at night or to wake up early and enjoy the morning. Frankly speaking, I’m both types of Person that is Morning Person as well as Night Person because I love to enjoy both Bright Sunny Day and Dark Silent Night. Both have their ups and downs, but they will be viewed by everyone’s point of view rather mine, but somewhere they agree on the downs of their choice.

The thing with morning is that they much fresher than nights. Your mind and soul are not at all tired to start some new work or complete one of your pending work. Surely for making your sleeping pattern such that you wake up early is a tedious job but surely its worth the efforts. But that early morning run which you had and then the fresh cup of coffee with some lip-smacking sandwich, the man then can surely make your day.

And similarly with the night the pitch black silence is useful for concentrating over an unfinished job but it does affect your sleeping pattern and over a period of time it gives one or the other health issues which no one really wants it. But while staring at the moon you surely can miss someone special, call them up and have a conversation with them while both looking at the moon (your personal own virtual video calling) can be one of your splendid romantic night you spend with some distance between you two.

But between with this two, the connecting element is here the sleep which is needed the most the most to any person as it’s the to time charge up yourself for next activity. The change in the sleep pattern can actually you affect too much which you may not even give a thought also to it. As I mentioned early it affects your health but it also affects your behavioural pattern or in the words, you will have more moods swings than you used in your normal days.

So my suggestion will be pin point, enjoy both the habits but also make sure you have a sound sleep to have healthy future. It takes a lot to keep yourself healthy and the way to be healthy is sleep and enjoy yourself the Energetic Morning and Classy Nights.

PEACE! ~ αm


Dogs Man’s Best Friend Forever


Dogs they are part of many people life one way or the other, some are scared of them because of their canine nature and some just can not live without them because of their adorable nature. It is not really difficult to add one or two in your family as they have an ability to fit into various surroundings. No matter where they are, with whom they are, or whatever the situation is they always have your back.

Recently due to a crazy experience I’d with my Dog (Casper), is actually making me ink down this post. I was really off edge nearly broke down for some of my Personal reason, shredding tears in the darkness of night when my family members were asleep and just like a ray of light in darkness show up when you need the most similarly, Casper showed up with eyes too wet. That exact moment thing changed in a flash, his wet eyes just gave me smile on my face and hope to fight my problem. I had read somewhere Dogs replicate human emotions and that night I observed it or rather I should say felt that glorious moment making me realised that he is gonna be on my side no matter what happens with me.

I will suggest all those people reading this article if you do not have a Dog or some other Pet just think of bringing one home to your life will surely transfer, that is surely assured. Yes even though you are mind is all set to bring one home make sure you are ready to take responsibilities of raising a pet, which takes much higher efforts than a raising a human child as initially, it’s hard enough to learn the communication between the two of you if it your first time. Even you agree every first time stuff are hard but once when you get into the flow you just know how to flow into it.

My prior suggestion will be Dog to adopt (Do not purchase them, just search over the internet for Dog adoption centres) as they are much more faithful than many human beings. The best Secret Keeper, Life Teacher, a Support which you always wanted and various skills or rather I should say qualities. Seriously Dogs are Man’s Best Friend Forever.

I’ll just wrap up this article by saying two things, Happy Petting to all those Pet Lovers and Get Lost to those Pet Hatters.

PEACE! ~ αm