Why Teenagers Use Abusive Words So Frequently?


The other day I was walking down in our department and a friend of mine came up to me and started abusing me for the incident which happened earlier that morning. While this dramatic incident was taking place, one of our department’s senior professor came into the picture, hearing the high altitude abusive words made ma’am shell shock, and instead of further saying anything to my friend she passed by, making it clear that he was going get into big trouble.

After this incident I approached a close buddy (The Writer) of mine who is high-class abuser and I straight away asked him “Why do you use abusive words all the time?” as we are close friends he answered me positively, his answer was simply genuine one (but yet I felt it was not convincing ) and left me thinking ‘What about others?’ Later, thinking about the question and incident I got involved into, we both started to dive deep into the topic to get the reason behind this attitude of current generation. Both of us put on our thinking caps on and started to do some study over the young generation which included guys and girls as well.

While our think tanks were working to get an answer, we simultaneously did a quick survey with our friends in and around our life who use cuss word as well as who don’t. The survey was leading us to some realisation of bad part of our life which was shocking. But we were happy, only for one reason that our thinking and the quick survey was leading to similar answers. The answer concluding that the cuss words are being used mostly casually (yes casually!!! Even we were shocked over it), under frustration (yeah, yeah we know frustration brings out the devil out of us), while one is angry and the most shocking concluding answer was, for gaining “the cool quotient” (What the Fish? For getting fame frame they abuse, that’s shell shocking). While none of the concluding was a reasonable reason, we would just say it’s just a “daag” (bad spot) on the image of current generation.

Most of the abusive words used are of our National Language which mostly recalls the “Mother” and “Sister” of the gainer, now just translate them into English those cuss words will be used by the people who follow the Western Culture more than that of the Indian Culture. If we have a look at our grandparents’ generation, we may realise that using words in the past like ‘Idiot, Stupid, Fool, Donkey and much others’ which are used up by the current generations’ tiny tots which indicated that how advance our generation has become in the field of giving the cuss words.

Most of our current generation feel that the previous generation was just too much reserved over using cuss words, but if we need to give an appropriate thought over it, it is that they were more sophisticated people than the current youth generation. Somewhere or the other we should understand ourselves and start controlling ourselves over the frequency of the cuss words we are using. Not for ourselves but for respect and dignity of the previous generation and for proper moulding of the future generation.

P.S.: One of the writers is himself a serial abuser and the second behaves sophisticated in front of the girls only.

PEACE! ~ αm (ft. sv)


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