3… 2… 1… and it all starts here…


Starting my blog was a somewhat tricky decision which I made, as one thing was surely needed to be good in and it was Patience and that’s needed the most. After crossing out some stuff from my Bucket List it was time to cross one more from it.

So here I am back entering the Internet Space to upload stuff which I create and this time is my Writing.

I am going to start with my most loved Topic: Technology and Gadgets or Whatever you call it. Most of the people have it their discussion most of the time but the people discussing it are not always interested. Few discuss as they love the technology, few discuss as they hate it, few discuss their fascination technology does in their life, few do not even know what are they actually discussing so in all there is various type of discussion done in an around the technology every now and then.

Here’s a Question for you, “Do you follow your Heart or the Crowd?” I know many must have answered, “Of course, Heart! What a Silly Question.” but do not worry I can prove you wrong at least over the Gadgets you are using. Pull your Mobile from your pocket or the one you are using right now to read this article on. Which Operating System (OS) it’s being used here, the answer for most of here will be Android (I’m not exaggerating over here it is actually true, check out this Source if you still do not believe me.) So here is the second question “Why Android?” most of them have a different reason which will be foolish enough to make any geek go laughing every time they see will that person and most of them will be completely clueless about it.

I agree we all try to seek an get a High-End Android Mobile, add a bunch of apps, just a few and that it is. We are in love with the Phone, and then all the non-geeky people just keep following what people will do an existing user is doing over the years, nothing will change. Such kind of people is in huge number, trust me they are really in huge number. I call such people, ‘The Hideous Following Crowd.’

These people are worst because they really do not know why they buy a top end Android phone. They will install apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and one single game which is at the buzz. The most interesting or I will say a Hideous thing about them is, they won’t update any apps or not even their so beloved Android Operating System. They will stick to few things like they are some robots, listen to music, view videos, send a message over WhatsApp, receive calls disconnect them, and yes play that single game which they installed at initially.

So I will just say to all such people out there stop following people around, which also does not even have much knowledge about that gadget they themselves are using. Start exploring things on your own of any other OS or let it be of Android itself. There are a number of possibilities out there using which you can create much fun and smart going live with your mobile devices.

PEACE! ~ αm


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