Are you really…
A Woman?
Yeah, you reading out load the statements of Feminism,
under the coat of pilled up simpers,
and brazen of emotions.
You claimed to be the artist of emotions.
That’s only yours because, in the end,
you need to learn the art of being selfish.
I know the world has been grim to you on many aspects,
but does that give you the authority to be ruthless to others?
You are honoured for the food art created,
the care which is given,
the love unspoken,
and spirit of Goddess?
Under all this are you really…
a woman?
You claim ‘all men are same’,
maybe you are precise?
Then why you forsake one,
to marry another?
You pile hopes in the one you crave until you are done…
of your comfort,
of your needs,
of your fake emotions?
You seek all the care and love of a man,
until he runs out of what is left to give,
and then start driving in the opposite direction,
even before he can trace you down,
you end up slaughtering the lives,
you said means the world to you…
One word person are you?
Filling up your satisfaction you left how come so selfish are you?
Calling your self a woman,
I bet real women’s aren’t like you…

Are you really…
A Woman?

Love ~ αm

(P.S.: I know you few women are gonna read this. But this is just a point of view who is broken again and again so it just my point of view, there are just a few women out there who are some genuine humans.)


Winter Sunshine


I saw you from a distance,
You were standing in the sunflower dress,
Looking flawless,
But a little questions mark floating on your head,
It bugged me, I quickly took steps towards you…

The time stopped as our eyes met,
Those spark in your eyes asking me to guide you,
Those freckles on your face,
I lost in the dazzling sun shining in the coldest night,
We were standing as a frozen lake,
Finally, my lips asked, “What’s the matter?”
And as you answered, I just heard the sweetest melody I ever came across…
I could simply smile trying to hide to blush on my cheeks,
I was struck by the lighting once again from the way you swirled your curls…

I was just about to ask you,
“I can help you out, but are you to guide me in the breeze of silence or here just another sea which I need to learn to swim in before I hit the ocean?’
Words falling of my mouth were slower than me falling off my bed,
To bring back me in reality…

And here I’m waiting for another night to come in,
To meet you in my dreams again,
Just to melt in your sunshine smile,
To dip into your freckles,
And to get lost in your curls…

Until then I’m gonna cherish,
You in your gorgeous yellow dress
With the light of the sun,
And a blurring smile…

(P.S.: This was written yesterday, but publishing today as I felt I could have met her again in my dreams but unfortunately I got another dream.)

Happy New Year, Readers! 

Love ~ αm



hum insaan kitne ajeeb hai,

hum har baar galti karte jaate hai…

aur dusro se aas lagaye bethe rehte hai

khud khush huye toh acha hai sab,

par har baar dusro ki khushi nahi dekhi jaati hai,

hum har baar galti karte jaate hai…

yu toh hum waade toh bhaut karte hai,

par unhne nibahana hume nahi aate hai,

hum har baar galti karte jaate hai…

hum samay aur naseefinb ko yuhi kosh dete hai,

hum har baar galti karte jaate hai…

sachayi toh ye hai ki hum hi khud ko samj nahi paye hai,

aur dusro par yuhi kaaran banaye jaate hai,

hum har baar galti karte jaate hai…

Love ~ αm

Haunt Me!


I never imagined, the end
of the journey which
never was meant to start.
But, you made it.

I thought you will remain my constant,
but guess you were just another imaginary.

You build dreamily land inside,
just for one day to make me realise,
that it was just a fantasy.

Remember the time you cried,
when you cried in the worst manner,
asking me to just ‘Please do not leave me!’,
and I making the promise of FOREVER.

The time when I stood beside you,
for all the troubles you were going through,
and the time you ran away,
when my troubles showed up.

Endless red flags showed up,
on the way to togetherness,
but that’s what we do for Love,
we avoid them for,
an adventurous road,
while going up,
but in certainty,
you were going up,
while I was sulking down the road.

Now, the journey with you,
are forever with me,
just to haunt me in worst possible ways.

Love ~ αm

Under the Moonlight!


Under the moonlight,
finding a path to see what beholds in future…

The voice inside the heads wants to
scream out loud but not even a single word is out…

But once again,
sharing those words was way too much heavier
to be shared with a human tonight…

Sharing all the details from my heart,
just to find a way which will help me find a path…

The calm breezes are whispering in my ear,
but they are not what I am looking for tonight,
maybe my heart is too stubborn tonight,
just maybe tonight I wanna be too stubborn…

Here rustling the words of my heart,
to the moon so that the guide me,
once again tonight,
under the moonlight…

Love ~ αm

(P.S.: The Moon is clicked while penning down the poem.)



Apple iPhone X, last year launched the phone finally with some new design changes, which got a mixed bag of the review especially for the design changes it made. Apple is already getting a rant about our beloved 3.5mm jack and now taking away another beautiful feature pulled out which is the Touch ID. The most scrutinized part of the design in iPhone X is the “Notch” everyone is simply crazy about it, in good as well as worst manner.

Apple claims to add that huge notch is for giving the secure Face ID which houses several techs in the notch making it occupy a good space for the notch in real.

And then there is this;

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL, man what was Google exactly thinking with one, they started off mocking Apple products while first launching the phone and they still do mock them with the latest night mode photo capturing feature. But the fun part is they have actually copied the most obvious design feature from Apple. Just look at that hideous notch, and endless meme creates over it.

And today morning getting this update;

Verge Samsung News

Source: Verge

Seriously Samsung even you need to follow the train?

I really don’t understand the industry, people keep complaining about the features which are either pulled off from Apple products or added to, yet when it comes to making their own product they end up making the rip off some way or another. If you criticise the design changes Apple makes to the product then what is the need to copy them. And one year or another you are gonna copy from them than why you end up mocking them at several situations.

Samsung actually had made an Ad for making the fun of the notch which been used by Apple proudly.

The number of Android phones right now having the notch without the Face ID security are just sitting there on the top of the most the modern phone screens. And if you are good at observations, then you surely know from where Apple copied the Notch design, you must have applied a tempered glass or screen protector on your mobile someday *wink* *wink*

Last month Apple actually launched a product which looks simply stunning!

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 7.35.50 AM.png

iPad Pro (2018)

Just look at this beauty.

With notches and endless attempt to make all screen display which few companies achieved using the camera display fitted in with some kinda of mechanical implementation or having a teardrop design implemented by some big names may be in a couple of years we will surely have that glorious display in our hands someday until then we have just see the train of notch being followed a long way.

I really wish the Touch ID is brought back, but knowing the Apple history when they lose a feature, it ain’t coming back until Tim Cook is off the CEO title maybe. We can just keep in the hopes because man, Touch ID is the best feature for quick access to the phone and it has been an industry standard and lately the In-Screen Finger Print Scanner is coming up all well. Let’s hope for the best.

Love ~ αm

Moving On…


I was forced to move on,
but I was not ready to kill the feelings by now.
I was hurting myself again and again
anticipating for you to pop up on my phone.
But time had to come,
found myself again cribbing about you to just another friend.
Just to learn the same thing again,
“Buddy she just used you.”
“You were just option for her.”
“She was only interested in money, at the end of the day.”
I have learnt these several ways via,
friends and self-assessment and what not.
But maybe I am fool till now,
to think you were genuine,
with your words and nature.
I was a fool then,
I am a fool now,
just to hold in you.
Maybe now it’s time to accept,
I was just an option for you,
and your words were fake like everyone else.
I have to force myself to move on…

Love ~ αm