Apple iPhone X, last year launched the phone finally with some new design changes, which got a mixed bag of the review especially for the design changes it made. Apple is already getting a rant about our beloved 3.5mm jack and now taking away another beautiful feature pulled out which is the Touch ID. The most scrutinized part of the design in iPhone X is the “Notch” everyone is simply crazy about it, in good as well as worst manner.

Apple claims to add that huge notch is for giving the secure Face ID which houses several techs in the notch making it occupy a good space for the notch in real.

And then there is this;

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL

Pixel 3 XL, man what was Google exactly thinking with one, they started off mocking Apple products while first launching the phone and they still do mock them with the latest night mode photo capturing feature. But the fun part is they have actually copied the most obvious design feature from Apple. Just look at that hideous notch, and endless meme creates over it.

And today morning getting this update;

Verge Samsung News

Source: Verge

Seriously Samsung even you need to follow the train?

I really don’t understand the industry, people keep complaining about the features which are either pulled off from Apple products or added to, yet when it comes to making their own product they end up making the rip off some way or another. If you criticise the design changes Apple makes to the product then what is the need to copy them. And one year or another you are gonna copy from them than why you end up mocking them at several situations.

Samsung actually had made an Ad for making the fun of the notch which been used by Apple proudly.

The number of Android phones right now having the notch without the Face ID security are just sitting there on the top of the most the modern phone screens. And if you are good at observations, then you surely know from where Apple copied the Notch design, you must have applied a tempered glass or screen protector on your mobile someday *wink* *wink*

Last month Apple actually launched a product which looks simply stunning!

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 7.35.50 AM.png

iPad Pro (2018)

Just look at this beauty.

With notches and endless attempt to make all screen display which few companies achieved using the camera display fitted in with some kinda of mechanical implementation or having a teardrop design implemented by some big names may be in a couple of years we will surely have that glorious display in our hands someday until then we have just see the train of notch being followed a long way.

I really wish the Touch ID is brought back, but knowing the Apple history when they lose a feature, it ain’t coming back until Tim Cook is off the CEO title maybe. We can just keep in the hopes because man, Touch ID is the best feature for quick access to the phone and it has been an industry standard and lately the In-Screen Finger Print Scanner is coming up all well. Let’s hope for the best.

Love ~ αm


Moving On…


I was forced to move on,
but I was not ready to kill the feelings by now.
I was hurting myself again and again
anticipating for you to pop up on my phone.
But time had to come,
found myself again cribbing about you to just another friend.
Just to learn the same thing again,
“Buddy she just used you.”
“You were just option for her.”
“She was only interested in money, at the end of the day.”
I have learnt these several ways via,
friends and self-assessment and what not.
But maybe I am fool till now,
to think you were genuine,
with your words and nature.
I was a fool then,
I am a fool now,
just to hold in you.
Maybe now it’s time to accept,
I was just an option for you,
and your words were fake like everyone else.
I have to force myself to move on…

Love ~ αm



I agree I was a kid, I knew how to take care,
so was it needed to make me an adult?
I know it was hard for me to choose between chocolate and strawberry ice cream,
so was it needed to kill my love for ice cream?
I know I never spoke words out of my mouth but my actions always spoke way louder than needed,
so was it needed to zip my lips that I never utter words again?
I know you cried the night when I said I can’t trust anyone,
so when I trusted you, was it needed to shatter me,
so I never trust anyone again?
I showed you all my marks and scars
so why did you burn them more?
I was the most important person in your life,
so why you didn’t think once before breaking me inside out?
I was always the free bird who knew to fly,
so was it need to cut off those wings forever?
so this was yours forever?

so, why I am still waiting for you?

Love ~ αm

Dark Mist.


In the mist of night,
here I am trying to get the words out,
not loudly but softly enough
to be heard by at least
a person who learns
I am in pain not physically,
but mentally…
It will be an easy escape from reality,
by having a puff of smoke into lungs,
but that ain’t the solution.
Running away will never be a solution for me.
Here I am in the silence of the night
finding the energy just to get through
few more days to find the soul
who will hold on even when
the night is darker and scarier!

Love ~ αm

The Window.


The rain was drizzling down the windows,
and the hot mug of chocolate was keeping the hands warm.

The comforting melody of water was growing on to the soul slowly,
but the mind was striving a lot with the heart lately.

At a distance, she saw lighting a struck
and before she can react to it
the thunder had already struck her eardrums.

And the flashbacks of blood just crushed all the calmness,
which was created by the rains moments ago.

The silence was second which struck next after the lighting,
there are few things which can never be erased from memories.

Just to escape more from the what was in the head,
she was about to leap out of the window when a hand she hated to touch holds her back.

The hand was enough to pull her out again from the cloud again,
from the bloody thoughts of their son’s death.

She learnt that night with teary eyes,
mind roaming in anxiety and
the heart pumping fear…
That the person you hated the most is the one who will
hold you longer than the person who shows you, pretended love.

Love ~ αm

High on Coffee


Sipping the last sip from the cup,
I knew this cup won’t help me much,
but still, I craved for it.
It was already 3 am,
but the assignment had to be completed,
otherwise, I would lose my job.
I just need to stay awake,
so the only thing which will help me was a coffee,
because in this time of stress no one knows me well like it does.
Tonight, even you had to betray me
and make me fall asleep on the study table.
A coffee bean popped up out of nowhere on the table,
“Hey, relax! You need sleep for now, let me carry you to the room”
It was strange for me to see a coffee bean talking and carrying me in my room but it felt relaxing.
I slept like a kid that night as snuggled up in the cold breeze and warm hands around me,
I woke up with a bit of dizziness as I was about to fall from the bed,
someone just retained me, not letting me fall to the ground.
I turn out just to see her with a beautiful smile,
“Hey, good morning honey! You have a couple of hours more before the presentation.”
I wasn’t sure when she came back,
but it wasn’t coffee bean last night who carried me in,
it was my Wife.

Love ~ αm

The Climb – Koraigad Fort


Got a Call from a friend and
after nearly a year I decided to do it again,
As growing old gives less of time to ourselves,
still cracking out little time was a must.
The standard journey commenced off,
reached the base and sprang the climb.
Taking snippets of nature’s representation,
and cracking lame jokes,
we finally reached the top.
The joy I saw on my friends face,
and hug we made,
infused me with a different energy altogether.
The climb was a miniature one,
but the accomplishment was more robust.
Huge or miniature learn to enjoy,
the accomplishment in the best plausible way.

P.S.: This is a snippet of my small trek at Koraigad Fort, Lonavala.

Love ~ αm